Massachusetts DPU Seeks Input for Net Metering of Small Hydro Facilities

Massachusetts may soon add hydroelectric facilities to the growing list of net metering eligible distributed generation in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has issued a notice and order opening a proceeding (DPU 14-118) under which DPU will take the first steps towards developing legislation to enable net metering of small hydro.

Enabling small hydro to participate in net metering has the potential to provide benefits not only to owners of such current facilities but potentially also for the redevelopment of dams, impoundments and millponds nearby the many mill properties in the Commonwealth.

DPU is seeking input as to the size and energy generation potential and profile of hydropwered facilites as well as recommendations as to eligible technologies, new and expaneded systems and the potential effects on the environment and distribution companies.

DPU will prepare a report and draft legislation to be delivered to the legislature by July 1, 2015.




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