Update: Massachusetts DPU Sets a February 24th Intervention Deadline in Eversource Rate Case

According to a Notice issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) on January 30, 2017, parties who desire to participate in the evidentiary phase of the D.P.U. 17-05 proceeding, which will review Eversource’s recently-filed petition to increase its rates, have until February 24, 2017 to file a written petition for leave to intervene in the case.  See our recent blog post for a summary of some of the key components of the company’s filing.

The DPU will hold a procedural conference on the matter on March 2, 2017, and it has scheduled ten public hearings to receive comments on Eversource’s petition.  The public hearings will take place between March 22, 2017 and April 26, 2017 in ten locations across the state.  Those interested can also file written comments with the DPU by May 31, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Update: Massachusetts DPU Sets a February 24th Intervention Deadline in Eversource Rate Case

  1. In these times more than ever, our state needs to be doing everything it can to support renewable energy, in order to slow down climate disaster. Please do not allow Eversource to increase any of its rates, but instead do everything you can to support local and community solar, wind, and other renewable energy.
    Thank you.

  2. I wish to comment against the proposed rate hike by Eversource. They’re haven’t kept up with fixing the leaky gas pipes, and the customers is still paying for the leaked gas. (Also National Grid). Their service is terrible and their lack of support for solar energy users is reprehensible.

  3. Eversource already changes customers on Cape Cod too much for their “Delivery” charge. I oppose any increase by Eversource.

    Cape Cod Light Compact helps us secure a competitive supply rate.
    I wish Eversource had the interests of its customers, not profit, as their driving force.

    We must fight this proposed increase for January 2017, and we must win.

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