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Energy Department Launches Hydrogen Interagency Task Force, But Few Details Emerge on Status of Federal Hydrogen Programs

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The Department of Energy (“DOE”) held a webinar on Friday, August 18, 2023 on the U.S. government’s national hydrogen strategy.  The main announcement was the formation of the Hydrogen Interagency Task Force, or “HIT,” but the webinar was otherwise light on details regarding the status of key federal hydrogen programs,… More

DOE Considers $1 Billion Program to Spur Demand for Clean Hydrogen and Seeks Stakeholder Input

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law appropriated $8 billion for developing Hydrogen Hubs—regional networks to produce, distribute, and use clean hydrogen to curb greenhouse gas emissions without the need to build long pipelines or develop other costly shipping infrastructure to transport hydrogen from one side of the country to the other. … More

Regional Hydrogen Hubs: Getting Clean Hydrogen Where It Needs to Go

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In the last post, we identified that costs are one of clean hydrogen’s biggest barriers.  Another barrier is the lack of sufficient infrastructure for producing and transporting clean hydrogen.  Here, we’ll discuss the Department of Energy’s (“DOE”) plan to tackle this barrier through its new Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program,… More

Clean Hydrogen: How It’s Produced and What We Can Do with It

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In the first post, I alluded to the technical issues hydrogen developers are considering. Here we’ll look at how hydrogen is produced and what it will be used for.

How is hydrogen produced today?… More

Introducing Our Blog Series on Clean Hydrogen

We’re launching this blog series to help readers keep pace with the fast-moving world of clean hydrogen.  Each week or so we’ll post an article on different legal, regulatory, and technical opportunities and challenges facing companies who are developing or exploring clean hydrogen projects.

We need a comprehensive approach to tackling climate change, one that targets all sectors of the economy.  Wind, solar, and electric vehicles are undoubtedly important,… More